Pierre Louis-Costes claims the APB Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational

posted on 4th March 2016

Frenchman Pierre Louis-Costes (France) suffered bruised ribs to clinch the 2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational, over the razor sharp reef of the Banzai Pipeline, in perfect 6-10 foot waves.

Pierre dominated the final leaving all opponents in combo situation. The Frenchman was clinical in the final. With 9.43 and 9.83 in his best two waves, Pierre added incredible 19.26 points in a possible out 20.00 to secure the first place and consequently the lead in the world rankings. PLC caught the first wave in final but while landing one of his signature backflips he landed heavily on his ribs, but still followed it up with a roll to score a 6.83 (out of 10) from the judges.

PLC said after the final; "I'm tired, my ribs hurt from that first wave and the feeling is so hard to describe I can't believe it", said Pierre Louis-Costes. "It was a pretty tight heat. Jacob was ahead, then Jared (Houston) got an 8.00. I knew I wasn't going to win with six point scores, I had to go big. Fortunately, some waves came my way and I was able to land some moves. I'm stoked!", he added.

PLC (Pierre Louis-Costes) did not have it all his own way with Hawaiian hero Jacob Romero setting the bar high early after landing a massive invert out of a notoroious backdoor bowl to score an 8.3. Romero backed that up with another amazing Backdoor tuberide to score an 8.5 and soar into the early lead.

Then, reigning world champion Jared Houston not willing to go away lightly landed a big backflip at Backdoor to score an 8.6 and cut his deficit in half to put himself within range of stealing the win, but, the 2011 world champion then went on a hot streak, going for broke and putting his body on the line again, performing a gigantic air reverse at Backdoor to get a 9.83 and put his lead out of reach from the rest of the field. At the end of the buzzer, PLC finished with 19.26 points, Romero (Hawaii) had 16.17 points, Houston (Sth Africa) took third with 15.03 points and Lewy Finnegan (Australia) finished in fourth with 12.1 points.

This was the first victory of Pierre Louis-Costes at Pipeline. The Frenchman had already reached two other finals, in 2013 he finished in third place and in 2009 he lost to Ryan Hardy and took 2ndplace. "That´s a dream come true. Pipeline is the comp that I really wanted to win. It´s indescribable. To win competitions these days you have to go crazy, that's the direction our sport is going", said PLC.

The Final day of the 2016 APB Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational began with 32 contenders in the hunt for the title. An incredible day of the world´s best bodyboarders putting their lives on the line in solid six-to-ten foot waves at Pipeline.

Round 4 saw some great performances including the finalists Jared Houston and Lewy Finnegan (4th) and also Guilherme Tâmega (7th) (Brazil) and Jeff Hubbard (9th) (Hawaii).

During the quarter finals, the incredible force of Pipeline allowed the athletes to post numerous high scores,. After four heats, the field of semifinalists was composed by two hawaiians - Dave Hubbard and Jacob Romero - two brazilians - Dudu Pedra and Guilherme Tamega - Jared Houston (SAF), Lewy Finnegan (AUS), Pierre Louis-Costes (FRA) and Amaury Lavernhe (REU).

The battle for a place in the Finals was even more difficult, with Jared Huston (16.2) and PLC (15.17) the best riders winning the heats over Lewy Finnegan (13.6) and Jacob Romero (16.17) who were also outstanding securing their finals berth


Final: 1st Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) 19.26, 2nd Jacob Romero (HAW) 16.17, 3rd Jared Houston (SAF) 15.03,4th Lewy Finnegan (AUS) 12.10

Heat 1: 1st Jared Houston (AFS) 16.20, 2nd Lewy Finnegan (AUS) 13.60, 3rd Dave Hubbard (HAW) 12.13, 4th Guilherme Tâmega (BRA) 9.30
Heat 2: 1st Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) 15.17,2ndJacob Romero (HAW) 14.83, 3rd Amaury Laverhne (REU) 14.40 4th Dudu Pedra (BRA) 8.73

Quarter Finals:
Heat 1: 1st Guilherme Tâmega (BRA) 13.66,2nd Lewy Finnegan (AUS) 12.97, 3rd Dave Winchester (AUS) 10.90, 4th Keahi Parker (HAW) 8.84
Heat 2:1st Jared Houston (AFS) 14.83,2ndDave Hubbard (HAW) 14.37,3rd Garth MacGregor (AUS) 11.00,4th Lachlam Cramsie (AUS) 10.17
Heat 3:1st Dudu Pedra (BRA) 15.83, 2nd Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) 15.37,3rd Ryan Hardy (AUS) 14.10,4th Ben Player (AUS) 12.73
Heat 4: 1st Jacob Romero (HAW) 13.66, 2nd Amaury Laverhne (REU) 13.50,3rd Jeff Hubbard (HAW) 12.83,4th Sócrates Santana (BRA) 4.63

Round 4:
Heat 1: 1st Lewy Finnegan (AUS) 16.17, 2nd Lachlam Cramsie (AUS) 12.44,3rd Maxime Castillo (FRA) 9.00,4th Julien Miramont (TAH) 4.43
Heat 2: 1st Dave Hubbard (HAW) 12.04,2nd Keahi Parker (HAW) 10.17,3rd Peter Piho (HAW) 6.40,4th Iain Campbell (SAF) 0.00
Heat 3: 1st Guilherme Tãmega (BRA) 16.40,2nd Garth MacGregor (AUS) 11.44,3rd Sacha Damjanic (CHI) 8.50,4th Tanner McDaniel (HAW) 3.26
Heat 4: 1st Jared Houston (SAF) 17.16, 2nd Dave Winchester (AUS) 14.603rd Angelo Faraire (TAH) 14.43, 4th Charly Chapelet (REU) 11.16
Heat 5: 1st Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) 14.84,2ndSócrates Santana (BRA) 10.66,3rd Kainoa McGee (HAW) 7.67,4th Trevor Kam (HAW) 5.16
Heat 6: 1st Jeff Hubbard (HAW) 16.44,2nd Ryan Hardy (AUS) 14.56,3rd Diego Cabrera (CAR) 8.40, 4thMichael Ostler (SAF) 7.57
Heat 7:1st Ben Player (AUS) 14.77,2nd Amaury Lavehrne (REU) 13.83,3rd JB Hillen (HAW) 11.44,4th Rusty Friesen (USA) 8.07
Heat 8: 1st Jacob Romero (HAW) 12.83,2nd Dudu Pedra (BRA) 11.16,3rd Spencer Skipper (HAW) 10.57,4thi Matias Diaz (CHI) 10.40

APB Ratings after 2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational
1 - Pierre Louis-Costes (FRA) - 4000
2 - Jacob Romero (HAW) - 3200
3 - Jared Houston (SAF) - 2800
4 - Lewy Finnegan (AUS) - 2400
5 - Dave Hubbard (HAW) - 2000
5 - Amaury Lavernhe (REU) - 2000
7 - Guilherme Tâmega (BRA) - 1800
7 - Dudu Pedra (BRA) - 1800
9 - Jeff Hubbard (HAW) - 1600
9 - Ryan Hardy (AUS) - 1600
9 - Dave Winchester (AUS) - 1600
9 - Garth McGregor (AUS) - 1600



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