David Lilienfeld Trial Finalists Battle Their Way Into The Tand Invitational

posted on 1st July 2015

The David Lilienfeld Trials took place at Derdesteen on Saturday the 27th of June. A crisp and clear morning, with small, but clean conditions made for a fun day in the ocean for all trialists.

Clean barrels and big rolls were the order of the day, pushing through those who selected the perfect ride. Matthew Papas, Paul Morkel, Trent Johnson and Corban Warrington surfed well, but just couldn't make it through their semi-final heats.

Benjy Oliver, Andrew Raath, Michael Houston and Wilder Shultz all made it into the final, each securing their spot in the main event of the 2015 Tand Invitational.

Having nothing to prove, the finals were basically an expression session. The finalists put on an epic show, with Andrew Raath getting barrel to ARS's as well as big rolls, securing his position as the David Lilienfeld Trials winner.

In 2nd came Michael Houston, 3rd Wilder Shultz and 4th Benjy Oliver. Each finalist has the potential to cause major upsets in the main event, so be sure to keep your eyes on them!

Massive thanks go out to Yours Truly, Zion South Africa, Red Bull, Digicape, #studio, Kingdom Longboards, Flatmountain Roasters, The Surf HQ, Surf Ears, and Free Surf Bodyboarding for coming on-board to make the 2015 Tand Invitational possible.



David Lilienfeld Trials for The Tand Invitational

David Lilienfeld Trials for The Tand Invitational
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The Tand Invitational David Lilienfeld Trials
19th June 2015

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