Heats announced for the 2015 Cave Rock Invitational

posted on 6th June 2015

The final 24 have been selected, the heats are drawn and the charts are looking favourable for this year's Cave Rock Invitational.

The event will run on the best day over the contest window from 9th to 23rd June 2015. For the latest calls follow the event on Facebook at facebook.com/caverockinvitational.

Round 1 Heats

Meet the Contestants

Who is your money on for this year's King of the Rock title?

Heat 1
Rheinhardt du Toit, Daniel Redman, Jonathan Oliff

Heat 2
Iain Campbell, Ross Soloman, Derek Footit, Chad Du Toit

Heat 3
Jacob Romero, Dean Conway, Grant 'Twiggy' Baker

Heat 4
Stephen Du Preez, Garry Ensor-Smith, Josh Redman, Bevan Wilson

Heat 5
Jared Housten, Ricky Basnett, Rob Gray

Heat 6
Mathew 'Mafoos' Lombard, Mark McCarthy, Jona Venter, Andre Botha

Heat 7
Sacha Specker, Jaco Theron, Tristan Roberts

Heat 8
Scott Venter, Stuart Bradford, Rudy Palmboom Snr, Storm Prestwich



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