Blow Out Club Contest: Southbroom

posted by Derek Footit on 22nd May 2004

The day started off raining and the waves were a powerless 2-3ft, but as the rain subsided and clouds parted, the swell picked up a little, but, with it still being quite inconsistent there were bound to be couple of upsets.

For a last minute decision to have a comp before the shark nets are removed, we had a reasonably good turn out. What surprised most of us was the amount of entrants in the ladies division. If these girls keep up with bodyboarding, SKZNBA may just have the SA Ladies Champion for the next 10 years.

Our development riders seem to be stepping up to the plate and knocking up some good scores in a division which in the past seemed to be lacking a little bit of quality riding. Where the riders used to catch anything that moves, they now seem to have a little more sense to select their waves instead of just taking off and hoping that the wave may produce. Looks to me like we have a couple good years of bodyboarding to come.

Well with the wave looking to be good for taking off, opening up and racing off to the bust sections and letting loose through the air, however, most riders were not making their moves due to the lack of power. Martin Otto and Ryan Turner decided to slow it down and get barrelled to the max, scoring the top scores for the contest in consecutive heats.

Till the sards have had their fun in the sun, that’s it for BOBC ...



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