MOB Winter Challenge

posted by Michael Meyer on 23rd May 2004

The fourth MOB contest for 2004 was held on the 16th and 23rd of May at Outerpool.

The contest started on the 16th of May. The waves were small and messy, but still contestable. The riding wasn’t too spectacular in the average conditions. The waves deteriorated quite rapidly. After the 1st Rounds and the 2nd Dropknee round, it was decided that the contest would be postponed to the 23rd of May.

The waves were excellent on the 23rd of May. It was about 3-6ft and offshore. There were lots of sick bowls to launch out of and also lots of barrels. The Pro division round 2 was in first. Michael Meyer, with three ARS’s, dominated the first heat. Wesley Holm with his long, sick tube won the second heat. After the Pro’s it was the Dropknee final. Matthew Botha caused a big upset and took the Dropknee title. Next up was the Development final. Matthew took this heat as well, with a nice invert. The Pro final was in next. The waves picked up even more for this heat. Bjorn Coetzee looked a bit out of sort, but launched into a HUGE ARS, but just couldn’t land it. Wesley Holm surfed well, doing some nice rolls. Michael was struggling to find good waves, but did a nice ARS just before the heat ended. But it was Adam Morley who took the Pro final, with a sick roll, roll, spin combo and an insanely tweaked invert.

Again everyone had some fun and it was good practice for trials. The next MOB will probably be in August.



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