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posted by Lloyd Llewellyn on 1st May 2004

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The first ever Bodyboarders Paradise Women’s Pro held on Surfers Paradise beach on the Gold Coast, Australia was a huge success with all competitors commenting on the fun event it was and all leaving with huge smiles on their faces. With the event being regional event on the IBA WWT(Women’s World Tour) a large number of International competitors entered for a chance of victory. The event used a double elimination format so everyone got to compete at least twice. Also, because of the generosity of the sponsors mentioned above,every competitor received a prize.

Sunshine Coast 2004 World Surfing Games Champion Kira Llewellyn won the title as she dominated a world class field to win the Bodyboarders Paradise Women’s Pro at Surfer’s Paradise beach. The 20 year old was extremely happy when the final results were announced, especially after losing her flipper on the first wave of the final and surfing the rest of the half hour final with only one flipper.

Even with one flipper Kira was able to outclass her fancied rivals by better wave selection. In the all Australian final Kira was the only woman to venture into the larger 4-5 foot waves out the back while Stephanie Pettersen, Mandy Zieren and Lauren Fletcher each tried their luck in the messy 2-3 foot shore break.

The outside break proved the smartest and best option as Kira scored eight point plus rides compared to the fives and sixes awarded to her opponents in the shore. The decision was made by Kira to venture out the back after her semi final heat in which she surfed out on the back bank scoring a perfect 10 point ride for an air reverse.

Kira finished well clear in the final with 24 points out of a possible 30. Four times world champion Stephanie Pettersen with 16 points finished second with Mandy Zieren finishing third and Lauren Fletcher finishing fourth.

Even though Pettersen emerged from a couple of deep barrels in the shore break it was Kira’s aerial moves on the back bank set waves that impressed the judges.

Not only did Kira win the winners cheque but she was also awarded a trip to the HUMAN Shark Island Challenge launch dinner after scoring a deep barrel in her first heat which looked unmakeable from the shore only for her to immerge with a blow-out.

Asako Shiotsuki from Japan won a Bodyboard donated by Uniq Bodyboards after placing equal seventh being the highest placed amateur in the event.

Karlie McNeil from Australia won a Pod Pack with fins, flipper savers and beach bag after scoring the highest amateur score in the early rounds. Karlie’s wave scored highly after she came out of a deep barrel in the shore and did an air roll out of the barrel.

In all it was the combined effort from a large number of people that made for such a successful event. Apart from the incredible effort put in by Shane and Ali from Bodyboarders Paradise, the QAB and President Renee Oudemann are to be commended on the smooth running of the event on the day. Lloyd Llewellyn was responsible amongst other things for selecting and running the judging panel which included WST riders Ryan Hardy and Mitch Rawlins. Derek Hulme the contest director should also be congratulated for his wonderful organisation of the event.

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Endless Bodyboarding Award for the Best Barrell

Kira Llewellyn won a trip to the HUMAN Shark Island Challenge launch dinner.

Uniq Bodyboards Award for the Highest placed Amateur

Asako Shiotsuki from Japan won a Bodyboard donated by Uniq Bodyboards.

Pod Fins Encouragement Award for Best Amateur Score

Karlie McNeil won a Pod Pack with fins, flipper savers and beach bag.



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