A Proud interview

posted by Ian Kruger on 17th May 2013

A Proud Interview Q&A with Jared Houston about his recent sponsorship change: So after having, what seemed like a very cosy and comfortable relationship with Turbo, why did you jump ship?   The key word here is "seemed". I resigned from my contract because Turbo breached their side of the agreement, and didn't remedy it within a reasonable period nor did they provide any evidence that things were moving forward. Basically, I wasn't paid for 3 months and never received even one dollar of owed royalties. Just last week, I received an email from the board of investors at Turbo, simply stating that Turbo has ceased to operate as a business. Some people say the business has been sold to GSI, some people say it's dead. I really don't know to be honest, but I have learnt more in the last 3 months than ever, so I guess that's something positive from an otherwise very uncomfortable situation. I have been in negotiation with other companies for the better half of this year now, but right from the get go, Pride grabbed my attention and I am overjoyed to be a part of their "super team" that they have assembled. I love that the main focus of the company is the next generation, or the current one, whichever way you look at it. I feel an instant affinity for the boards too, which is a great sign and I am so excited for the worldwide release of my signature collection in August, they look INSANE.   Now that you have joined the likes of Pierre Louis Costes (I would hate to see Pride's travel budget for the both of you), are there any special projects in the works?   Of course there are special projects in the works, but I can't really divulge too much of that at this point.   This also happens to take the rivalry between you and PLC to a new level. How has that rivalry blossomed? You guy's see each other a fair bit, any animosity? Or is it the age old friend's on the beach, enemies in the water deal?   The rivalry between Pierre and I is very tame, at least it is too me. Pierre has been at the top end of the sport for a few more years than me and has achieved a heck of a lot more than me as well. I've got nothing but respect and a lot of time for him. That being said, he pushes me harder than anyone else and if there's one guy I want to beat it's him. Totally friendly though, he is a ledge! Just don't expect him to be on time for any departure of any sort, haha.   Can you outline more or less what your year is going to be like going forward?   2013 is going to be a BLUR! It's only May and I've already been to 2 comps and am en route to the 3rd as we speak, I went on the 7th edition of the Riptide Experiment earlier this year and right now, like I said I'm in Santiago, Chile with 7 hours to go until my flight to Arica. From here I'll be hitting Brazil with Le Boogie magazine to film for the up coming "Passing Through" movie before competing at the Itacoatiara event ( Natasha is coming over for that one, AMPED).  After that I'll be heading back to PR to get some things before heading HOME for a few weeks before a "secret trip" somewhere special with the Pride Team. That's as far as I have gotten for now. Don't even dare asking me on another trip, I really have to learn to say no!    



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