Billy Tenant Interview: World Flow Champion 2012

posted by Michael Ostler on 14th September 2012

World Flow Champion 2012:

Met up with Billy Tennant and caught up with him, the 2012 Flow World Champion:

Billy has been with out a doubt, the best flow rider in the world, for as far back as most can remember. He is completely dedicated to the sport of flowboarding and the hard work and dedication has paid off. Billy Returned from Mallorca, Spain last night, welcomed home by a couple of cute girls, a world Champion!

He took out the drop knee division with ease, and claimed a 2nd place in the prone division. Overall Billy was announced the World Flow Boarding Champion and took home his 2nd overall world title.

So I caught up with Billy and had a quick Q n A with him...

What did it feel like to be on top again?
Too good hey, bummed I could not get the 4 peat in the prone division but there is always next year.

How was it to ride your signature model at worlds, AND take the title on it?
Boards are incredible & best I've ever ridden. Shaped for the best by the best, Thiel Board co.

In the world of flowboarding, I think a lot of people are not aware of the major talents out there competing at a worldtour level. If you had to choose 5 riders who you feel are the top 5 flow rider in the world, who would they be?
Michael Ostler, Wes Fischer, Tyler Danek, Chris Childers & Nick Nguyen

Going forward, what are you going to do?
Take a break to mend the body, hit the ocean for some waves with the boys and then get back to training to go for the 3 peat next year...

Any last thoughts?
Thanks to all my mates and sponsors for the support. Thiel board co for the best rides around & wave house, Durban.

Mr Billy Tennant, the Bodyboard Flow World Champion!

Welcome home Champ



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