blowout bodyboarding contest!

posted by Brendon van Rooyen on 9th September 2012

last sunday blow out bodyboarding club had there 4th contest for the year at uvongo beach. conditions were abit messy but there
was a fun contestable inside wave breaking. terence pieters on form again taking the pro title and dropknee title for this event well done to
him. the results are as follows:

development: 1st drue odea
2nd ethan footit
3rd marcus graham
4th p.j. botha

dropknee: 1st terence pieters
2nd derek footit
3rd dune barker
4th rory fellowsmith

boys: 1st slade
2nd codi butterworth
3rd alex nutt
4th wayne van der merwe

juniors: 1st michael manardt
2nd jc johnson
3rd wesley coetzee
4th kerwyn laas

pro: 1st terence pieters
2nd dane klusner
3rd michael manardt
4th derek footit

mens: 1st dune barker
2nd wayne beekman

masters: 1st morgan phillips

grand masters: 1st riaan nutt

ladies: 1st georgie mckeonie



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