The Nomadic Life - East OZ and Hawaii Begins... Photos

2nd January 2008
  • Sean Tickner :: Sean out of the barrel and into a turn at OTW...
  • Sean Tickner :: Sean Snaps off the top at OTW
  • Sean Tickner :: Down in the prone position- small perfection
  • Sean Tickner :: Dk barrel time at Keiki...
  • Rylin Richardson
  • Rylin Richardson :: Rylin shows off his Dk skills at logs
  • Jonathan Oliff
  • Jonathan Oliff :: Ready for it....
  • Jonathan Oliff :: Nomad...
  • Jonathan Oliff :: Danny in perfect position as always for large barrels on the North Shore.... Oros maybe a little deep here
  • Chris Green :: After working in Brisbane you need to release and get barrelled... maybe get up on the knee for it
  • Jared Schafer :: When Jared isn't filming, downing 40's or working out... he's launching solid moves- not worried about the shallow black reef
  • Jared Schafer :: Shortly after celebrating the Mickey's Challenge Jarred was found in the foetal position alongside our toilet bowl
  • Kearnan Murphy :: Our buddy "Arab" pulling into some East Oz beachie fun...
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