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  • Paul Roach :: Paul Roach, Cartel Bodyboards Team Rider and drop-knee Pro
  • Paul Roach :: Cartel Team Rider's, Natalie Daniels and Paul Roach with Billy Tennant( Rossi Boards-South Africa)
  • Paul Roach :: Scotty Carter, Paul Roach(Cartel Bodyboards Team Rider) and Joe Grodzen, Ghetto Boyz Competition weekend.
  • Paul Roach :: ProBodyboarders, Joe Grodzen, Paul Roach(Cartel BodyboardsTeam Rider) and AKA Lyman(Toys Bodyboards) Ghetto Boyz Competition weekend.
  • Paul Roach :: The Drop Knee King, Cartel Team Rider, Paul Roach.  Check out:  www.wavetheplanet.com
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