Peter Lambert
Mike Dei-Cont photo

posted by Peter Lambert on Monday, 25 June 2007

Peter Lambert

About 1 second before I realise that it's a closeout and get the worst arse smearing of my life on the reef. It still hurts! (c) MikeDC



Damian...Damian Wood
13th April 2008 11:25
i hope u have life insurance........keep going like this u gonna need it dude....RESPECT....
Jared HoustonJared Houston
17th November 2007 01:16
pete.just looking at this one not even gonna say anything!
4th July 2007 21:05
well done DrP!
ElementreeGareth White
26th June 2007 17:36
So Peter told me that the swell was medium in size!!!
Dude waht are you on about?...that is a monster!!!...

Hope your bunghole heals quickly!...ha ha
peterbeePeter Brandt
26th June 2007 09:24
Sure, Peter... don't tell us where this is, in case the rest of us paddle out and hustle waves like this from you... NOT!
Braden WobbeBraden Wobbe
26th June 2007 08:08
Peter Lambert, leading from the front, riding mutants that most people wouldn even dream of. Keep Chargin.
Braden WobbeBraden Wobbe
26th June 2007 08:06
Peter! Dude! Wade Harrison & I were standing on the rocks when to our disbelief you turned and went, bru, we were cringing!!! Glad you made it to the boat bru. You changed our miinds about paddlin out. She looked like she was angry. b
dcmikeMike Dei-Cont
25th June 2007 23:33
man - I didn't realise that this thing was dumping such a load when I pressed the shutter through the haze. It started of like a good set, perfectly placed and on take off it just jacked and hurled - owwwman! nutter! nothing fills a canvas like a crazy stunt!
Digital DannyDanny Black
25th June 2007 20:58
rylinRylin Richardson
25th June 2007 19:46
weeeeheeee!!! peter man, thats to sick!!! you ripper!!!
ScarecrowJulien Geffroy
25th June 2007 19:21
Holy shite man Pete! I hope it was worth it!?!
JmoJames Moolenschot
25th June 2007 16:04
Ha ha, jeez he took such a hammering on this wave. I'm glad i used my Jedi mind trick to convince him to take this one instead of me.
Although after that I did have to hear him moaning about his broken ass all the way home...
RashieqRashieq Smith
25th June 2007 10:51
Who upset u Peter?????
wade harrisonWade Harrison
25th June 2007 09:36
i saw this haha epic facial dude
TiaanKTiaan Kriegler
25th June 2007 08:57
shaun/westcoastShaun Sobey
25th June 2007 08:42
peter bru why ????u crazy man hahahaha respect

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Rider:South Africa Peter Lambert photos
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Photo Date:Saturday, 23 June 2007


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