Hafeez Floris at Dias Beach
Tauriq Gamildien photo

posted by tauriq on Monday, 18 June 2007

Hafeez Floris at Dias Beach




20th June 2007 14:00
Yo dude you sudnt speak like dat! Wait until you see ma tribe..
first of all we been surfin there for sum tym there, i dnt call it ma local spot. Most of the tym we there, its only us. So dnt talk sh#t
Spy DudePierre Marqua
20th June 2007 13:07
Virtue.. what a doos.

Ok now that i am over that. My point wasnt about dias being secret, my point is more the way spots are discussed, and i myself am guilty of it. I just think its scary that so many people willingly fork out R55 for a surf... give me the jauncho castello method anyday (ok thats an in joke)
JdVJason Duvenage
19th June 2007 19:40
Virtue..like sean said,diaz isn't a secret spot.I'm from durban too and I've never even been to cape town and I know where it is.

I seem to remember you popped up on here a little while back with nothing but foul things to say-and it looks like you're at it again.You seem like a real as#hole to be honest,and it seems that you're making some kind of racsist attack here?

How do you think you're portraying bodyboarders right now?Maybe you should just keep your mouth shut in future.
19th June 2007 19:32
[Comment pulled by admin. Reason: repeated contravention of terms of posting. Please read before posting.]
SmTSean Tickner
19th June 2007 18:44
Never knew Dias Beach was a Secret Spot, i've heard of it and i'm not even from Cape Town, weird???
TiaanKTiaan Kriegler
19th June 2007 17:35
I think any ocean go'er does that, except the sole searchers
Spy DudePierre Marqua
19th June 2007 17:26
Rule 1: The more photos you put up of a spot, the more you talk and discuss a spot, the inevitalbe result will be crowds. Saddly this is what bodyboarders do best, expose secrets and bring ALLLL your school friends down too. Even the R55 cover charge at the door wont cut the crowds when something is the flava of the month.
tauriqTauriq Gamildien
19th June 2007 14:54
yup, sat the 17th. There was quite a few boogers out actually n a few surfers
peterbeePeter Brandt
19th June 2007 14:26
When did you guys take this, Satuday?
19th June 2007 12:51
More like compresed
RashieqRashieq Smith
19th June 2007 09:34
Composed as always

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Rider:South Africa Hafeez Floris photos
Surfspot:Cape Point, Western Province, South Africa Dias Beach photos
Photographer:South Africa Tauriq Gamildien photos
Photo Date:Saturday, 16 June 2007


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