Wesley Fischer at Off The Wall
Danny Black photo

posted by Digital Danny on Monday, 11 June 2007

Wesley Fischer at Off The Wall

Wesley Fisher @ OTW



DarkhorseBruce Meissner
27th February 2008 22:54
everythings always ozzie this and ozzie that!
i wonder if anyone will be saying soon, thats a south african style air reverse, or that guys charging like a south african!
Man thatll be the day!
rudiRudi Geyser
30th October 2007 13:34
sweeeeeeet ozzi style invert
13th June 2007 12:37
Nice style similar too Mitchell Rawlines
BillybusterBilly Tennant
13th June 2007 11:35
huge invert!! nice 1 wezOOOO

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Rider:South Africa Wesley Fischer photos
Surfspot:North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii Off The Wall photos
Photographer:Hawaii Danny Black photos


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