Jonathan Oliff at Pipeline. Paul Jennar Photography

by Oros on Sunday, 5 November 2006
Jonathan Oliff at Pipeline

Why didn't you hit the lip? Fag...

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19th March 2007 08:41
Respect for dropping on pipe first of all, at least you dont get ice cream brain freazers on them.
SmTSean Tickner
18th November 2006 16:32
HahaHA, what a FAG! Just kidding!
The follow on is an insanely heavy close-out barrell at Pipe, this framegrab is from The Next Chapter!
JdVJason Duvenage
7th November 2006 20:41
Nope link didn't work.just go to
JdVJason Duvenage
7th November 2006 20:39
For another insanely insane pic of oros,(I think this link should work) <a href="">here.
Jared HoustonJared Houston
7th November 2006 18:32
dont stress it bro,im sure no one holds this one against you,i certainly dont.
DaneDane Stirrat
7th November 2006 18:27
That's bloody madness...Respect Oros! What happened next??


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Surfspot:Oahu, Hawaii Pipeline photos
Photographer:Australia Paul Jennar photos


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