Martin Ras at Bay View
Justin Hoeben photo

posted by Martin on Saturday, 6 May 2006

Martin Ras at Bay View



MartinMartin Ras
17th May 2006 20:29
jip was that sat...
Jared HoustonJared Houston
11th May 2006 07:35
yo,was this on sat?i was at josh kleves 18th in kom so i surfed inner sunset..was sick..but max respect my guys..
MartinMartin Ras
10th May 2006 20:52
shot...was a sic day you should have come.were did you surf though?
Jared HoustonJared Houston
7th May 2006 16:15
martin my guy!!!!!!!!!!that is beast..sick sick sick..

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Rider:South Africa Martin Ras photos
Surfspot:Hermanus, Boland, South Africa Bay View photos
Photographer:South Africa Justin Hoeben photos


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