Spencer Skipper, Bottom turn at Pipeline. Paul Jennar Photography

by Kelly on Sunday, 11 January 2004
Spencer Skipper, Bottom turn at Pipeline

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Pi bodyboardsDeon Meyer
6th September 2008 13:38
absolute beast!!
chri$Chris Miles
13th January 2008 21:50
that is sick omf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ronald911Ronald Langeveld
23rd September 2007 06:56
Sick... Typical Pipeline wave!!!
tjokkaTjokka du Plessis
18th March 2007 21:21
18th March 2007 11:43
Stoked up too the max dude and 100% for that drop
TiaanKTiaan Kriegler
27th August 2006 19:56
this is just really such a epic shot, i can stare at it far hours!!
6th December 2004 22:03
appropriate word: COJONES...
Digital DannyDanny Black
1st November 2004 11:00
mean shot....


Rider:Hawaii Spencer Skipper photos
Surfspot:Oahu, Hawaii Pipeline photos
Photographer:Australia Paul Jennar photos
Manoeuvre:Bottom turn


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