Chris Bosman at Hobie Beach
Richard Poulter photo

posted by sampi on Sunday, 2 October 2005

Chris Bosman at Hobie Beach



Rowan CRowan Campbell
11th April 2011 20:35
Ok cool, still looks like an awesome wave when its big enough!
lyleLyle Schentke
11th April 2011 12:31
i dont think so. the wedge in on the other side of the beach.
Rowan CRowan Campbell
10th April 2011 15:37
Does the beacon isle contribute to the wedge takeoff mentioned above?
lyleLyle Schentke
8th April 2011 10:16
sick sick sick! to get waves here it must have been a big swell. looks really really good!
MichelleDanielsMichelle Daniels
13th January 2008 03:24
Ahh wicked it is, hey! Wanted to add that my reference/comment to the "sewage pumps" had to do with the formation of of the man-made/Flowy waves, not in a offensive way--blowing chunks. :)
ElementreeGareth White
12th January 2008 22:12
The swell must have been pretty chunky to get waves of this size rolling in...looks wicked!
MichelleDanielsMichelle Daniels
12th January 2008 22:10
Ohhh ok, gotcha--the Beacon must have some of those fancy, strong, sewage pumps, firing out the sweet waves!! I see what you mean wade! And here I thought the pic had been shopped-- ;)
ElementreeGareth White
12th January 2008 21:53
Beacon Isle Hotel in Plett...
wade harrisonWade Harrison
12th January 2008 21:00
i dont understand what i'm looking at
how is there land in die agtergrond?
MartinMartin Ras
15th October 2005 10:43
hey i wern't there but normally when it gets like this its to big for the wedge and doesn't work so good as it sould be. Well thats the experience i got and surfed hobie maybe even better then this conditions when wedge got to big.
Nick DNick D
7th October 2005 21:51
Flippin amazing wave wonder what wedge and especially wreck were doing also BI reef must of been crazy left Platt the day before so if anyone was in plett during these shots plz tell me how the other spots were shot

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