Samuel (sampi) Kamffer at Hobie Beach
Richard Poulter photo

posted by sampi on Sunday, 2 October 2005

Samuel (sampi) Kamffer at Hobie Beach



SteveSteve McWilliams
30th September 2006 19:47
hugh r u as a chick or do u just like boys like jarryd housten sick wave sampi when was it taken and how often does it get good??
SteveSteve McWilliams
30th June 2006 16:14
kimonKimon de Greef
16th June 2006 20:53
beautiful shot actually. lekker focus on the background.
hugh grantNathan Wood
7th February 2006 20:23
ill take that wave on a pool-noodle.
TyphoonsurfStephen Hughes
7th October 2005 11:33
Give me three more frames and his epitaph! Cojones bro, respect!

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