Peter Lambert at The Slab
Mike Dei-Cont photo

posted by dcmike on Thursday, 16 July 2009

Peter Lambert at The Slab

Lambert looking for the juice



Wes PottsWesley Potts
23rd November 2009 00:56
oh, no stress john... no worries man, jst making sure yknw!
yeah, that section is definitely makeable wen the ones come thru with the right swell direction... its jst a matter of hitting the reef right, very sensitive to direction when its so exposed to the open ocean!

hope alls well, keep frothing on slab charging buddy!
StJohnLombard_BodyboarderStJohn Lombard
22nd November 2009 19:40
wtf?? i was just asking a question. i wasn't stating anything about not charing, i was simply asking if that section that is sucking is make-able?? gees. put your ego's aside.
Wes PottsWesley Potts
21st November 2009 11:01
shouldn be asking jim those type of questions anyway, he'll give you super human answers and set a pace of charging you just wont be able to keep up with and u jst might get urself into situations u might not be able to handle!! careful careful.

As far as making it from deeper..u can see this wave is pinching a lil at the deep bowl, so it wouldv of been a waste of time taking off deep as the rider would of got shut down. but the rider used his experience to realise this wave is stil worthy of riding and thus recalculated his take off approach, and thats why he is where is. Good form peter! To me this is not a sign of reluctance to charge at all (and if you know peter thats jst not an option in his brain!!), but more a intellectual victory out at a surf spot most wouldn dare charging!
ElianderthehatefulNico Boshoff
20th November 2009 16:30
I don't quite think he was criticizing. He just wants to know if one can push it harder and deeper.
JmoJames Moolenschot
19th November 2009 18:07
Mmm, its always so easy to place judgement from the safety of the computer chair...
StJohnLombard_BodyboarderStJohn Lombard
15th November 2009 18:07
Why does it look like he should be taking off more to his left, or is that section un-make able?? same take off spot on all of them.

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Rider:South Africa Peter Lambert photos
Surfspot:Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa The Slab photos
Photographer:South Africa Mike Dei-Cont photos
Photo Date:Tuesday, 14 July 2009



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