Wesley Fischer, forward 360 air at Wavehouse (Durban)
Sacha Specker photo

posted by Kelly on Monday, 8 June 2009

Wesley Fischer, forward 360 air at Wavehouse (Durban)

Caption this! Wez bags the "Who got the Shot" title with this massive forward air. Leave a comment with a caption for this shot and our favourite submission will bag themselves a copy of Roam 2.



Spy DudePierre Marqua
22nd June 2009 12:17
White men cant jump? Didnt you see Lionel Messi's header. That little white man can jump :)
ElianderthehatefulNico Boshoff
22nd June 2009 10:55
White men can't jump. But they sure can fly.
peterbeePeter Brandt
22nd June 2009 08:26
Okay, coffee break over - guess it's time to go back down...
:::Tomas:::Tomas Degenaar
21st June 2009 17:05
I nomad when I see it...
petermaraisPeter Marais
21st June 2009 14:40
'really not looking forward to the landing'
JmoJames Moolenschot
20th June 2009 01:22
To his dismay, in the middle of the best air spin of his life, Wez found himself being beamed up to an alien spaceship to undergo some rather uncomfortable tests...
ronald911Ronald Langeveld
11th June 2009 17:04
"Somewhere over the barrel"
the kingthe king
10th June 2009 20:44
ahh big boy ball hairs... u almost impressed me with ur foto shoped air forward.. wes u shall bown down to me son!!!
10th June 2009 16:29
"F*** this's gonna hurt!"
10th June 2009 08:23
Flight-Men Origins - Wezerine
10th June 2009 08:23
Flight-Men Origins - Wezerine
10th June 2009 08:22
Flight-Men Origins - Wezerine
KrugerNicholas Kruger
10th June 2009 08:17
" Ball Hairs !!!! "
that NINJA kidBryan Paynter
10th June 2009 07:44
After mandatory contraband testing, no helium was found, judges scratch their heads.
Ricky_BobbyRyan Williams
9th June 2009 22:48
"I can see my house from here"
scorpioKevin Morley
9th June 2009 20:52
Thats so piss easy on a fake wave
JAMES byeJames Coetzee
9th June 2009 19:02
wes starts feeling the affects of alltiltude sickness and decides to head back down to earth
craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
9th June 2009 10:08
Gettin bored of playing Fuel all day, Craigis decided to put Wez Fischer's Flo Pro Bodyboarding in his new PS3 to get amped for the swell that was supposed to hit the next morning...
ElianderthehatefulNico Boshoff
9th June 2009 10:02
"Just as humanity thought Neptune had come to reclaim what he believes to be rightfully his, SuperFrog dropped out of the sky to thwart his fishy plans."
tauriqTauriq Gamildien
9th June 2009 09:14
Hey Wez, howz the weather!

Photo Details

Rider:South Africa Wesley Fischer photos
Surfspot:Umhlanga, Central Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Wavehouse (Durban) photos
Photographer:South Africa Sacha Specker photos
Manoeuvre:Forward 360 air
Photo Date:Saturday, 6 June 2009


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