Ryan Hardy, invert at Pipeline
Danny Black photo

posted by Digital Danny on Friday, 13 March 2009

Ryan Hardy, invert at Pipeline

Ryan Hardy Pipeline 2009



BillybusterBilly Tennant
19th March 2009 13:23
too EPIC!!! gotta make a pipe mission soon!!!!
Digital DannyDanny Black
19th March 2009 11:21
Hahah.....fricken kids! Thanks you guys. Hey Jared. Glad you Safas had a good time over here!

Did I mention it was pouring rain and dark when Hardy did this? Shocked the hell out of me.
Jared HoustonJared Houston
18th March 2009 17:14
Yeah Danny dont stress it.
Seeing this live was probably the sickest thing thats ever happened to me haha,the crazy thing was this is just the boost off the end section,never mind the ten foot barrel he got on the same wave!
18th March 2009 11:40
Yeah this is sick...a 10 in my eyes!!
All of your shots are insane Danny!
Good work!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
18th March 2009 11:36
dont stress Danny, there are lots of little school boys on this site, who think its kuk funny to rate images lank low... u lucky they rated it a six, all my photos get a 1 at most... no point stessing about it.
JarretJarret Johnson
18th March 2009 09:32
i agree! why a 6?
this photo is mad!
Digital DannyDanny Black
18th March 2009 09:21
Why rate as a 6?
ScarecrowJulien Geffroy
15th March 2009 21:23
Oh my hat! That's real BIG!!!!!
rudiRudi Geyser
13th March 2009 13:57
dude, this is stupid!

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