Gareth White, bottom turn at Gas Chambers
Deon Meyer photo

posted by Elementree on Monday, 4 August 2008

Gareth White, bottom turn at Gas Chambers

About to receive a fresh helping of "Beat Down".



ElementreeGareth White
4th February 2009 23:02
Thanks for the compliments guys.

With March being just around the corner I am hoping to be able to catch a couple of gems again - unlike the slop I have been served over this seemingly endless incredibly "Cruel Summer".

Oh the woes of a working man!

This Sunday is looking promising, but who knows...I might just wanna shoot it :)

Thanks guys...keep having fun.
Ricky_BobbyRyan Williams
4th February 2009 21:31
keep charging dude
StJohnLombard_BodyboarderStJohn Lombard
4th February 2009 21:23
never really see this guy on the other side of the lense, he has some of the sickest shots ever! but not many shots of him riding
andreasAndreas Moller
30th September 2008 18:23
eina + cool photo ;D
Pi bodyboardsDeon Meyer
6th August 2008 21:18
haha, ja i felt it for you through the lens..what a session!
5th August 2008 18:57
wel done Mr.Meyer guy.. im sure ihave a great feeling wher this is

Photo Details

Rider:South Africa Gareth White photos
Surfspot:Western Province, South Africa Gas Chambers photos
Photographer:South Africa Deon Meyer photos
Manoeuvre:Bottom turn
Photo Date:Sunday, 2 March 2008


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