Gareth White, Bottom turn at Gas Chambers. Deon Meyer Photography

by Elementree on Monday, 4 August 2008
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craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
5th August 2008 09:18
Ja shot for the invite PPPFFFF!!!!!!!
DK floater u say......respek :)
JAMES byeJames Coetzee
5th August 2008 07:06
sampiSamuel (sampi) Kamffer
4th August 2008 20:00
Lol... that is funny, cause the shot very nearly made it into the last issue;) Got ousted by Wade's Dk floater of the same session.
ElementreeGareth White
4th August 2008 19:46
JAMES byeJames Coetzee
4th August 2008 19:45
SICK... should have saved the 4th frame for the mag


Rider:South Africa Gareth White photos
Surfspot:Western Province, South Africa Gas Chambers photos
Photographer:South Africa Deon Meyer photos
Manoeuvre:Bottom turn
Photo Date: Sunday, 2 March 2008


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