Happy Zurowski at Off The Wall
Danny Black photo

posted by Digital Danny on Friday, 12 November 2004

Happy Zurowski at Off The Wall

Happy Zurowski OTW



Rowan CRowan Campbell
25th April 2011 17:03
Balls and a half!!!
lyleLyle Schentke
18th April 2011 09:12
Digital DannyDanny Black
15th November 2004 00:35
Happy lives on the North Shore and has been bodyboarding heavy for 10 years. Recently picked up 662mob.com, BZ and Chruchill as sponsors. Featured in the recent Mark Balasbas vid Below Under Ground. Look for him to go big this winter season at Pipe, OTW, Alii Beach and other spots. Also a great photographer at happyphotos.com and the 662mob.com site.

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