Argentinean bodyboarder drowns at Log Cabins

posted by Kelly Footit on 13th December 2003

Log Cabins is heavy, no doubt about it. Surfing’s Taylor Knox reckons “Log Cabins is not a surf spot” but it is at spots like these where bodyboarders are pushing the sport’s limits, feeding their adrenalin addictions and aspiring to bodyboarding fame. However, the underlying dangers that make it an extreme sport are very real and on November 30, a 22 year old Argentinean bodyboarder who had only been on the North Shore for a week, drowned after straightening out on a big right. Reports allude to a big abrasion on the side of his neck, which suggest that he had knocked himself out after hitting his head on a rock.

A few of the South African crew were out at the break on that fateful day, one of them being Ian Metcalf: “I was out there at Log Cabins along with Brandon Foster, Sasha Specker and Hankus. The waves were sick, but unfortunately, it was damn heavy and the guy died”, he said. “I work with a mate of his and the guy had only been here for a week. He took off on a big one and as he was about to pull in, he straightened out and got lipped. Then I guess he was held down for a few waves and drowned. Sux big time.”

If there can be any solace, maybe it can be in the fact that I’m sure we would all prefer to go while doing something that we love. However, at this time our thoughts are with family and friends who have suffered this great loss.



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