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posted on 2nd December 2003


ILL ACADEMY is the annual South African Skate, Surf and Extreme Sports Film and Photography Festival held by Bastard Media. The best film entries will be shown at Cinema Nouveau Screened By Nedbank and will be in line for awards in the following categories: Best Overall Film, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Best Action Sequence, Best Performance, Soundtrack, Audience Choice and The Unnecessary Pain Award.

The best photographic entries will be on show at Canal Walk and awards will be given for Best Single Picture and Best Sequence.

For more information email [email protected] or call 021 465 8504

Photographic Exhibition

What: Exhibition featuring photographs by Miguel Howell, Barry Tuck, Gerhard Engelbrecht, Lance Slabbert, Pierre Marqua and Dermot Brogan
When: 28 November - 20 December
Where: Canal Walk (at the entrance to Boogaloos Skate Park)
Cost: Free

Awards Ceremony

What: Presentation of awards followed by performances by Fuzigish, Hog Hoggidy Hog, The Rudimentals and Hoax
When: 15 December
Where: Mercury Live
Cost: R30

Film Festival

What: The best entries have been divided into eight groups which will be rotated throughout the festival.
When: 28 November - 14 December
Where: Cinema Nouveau screened by Nedbank, Cavendish Square
Cost: All shows R17


screening times below

AV Skateboarding Volume 1

The long-awated debut from AV Skateboarding. A montage of all the best skateboarding AV have captured from around South Africa; A weekend with Neil Hughes's Weekend; Sessions Magazine; A look at what the SA massive has been up to in London, The Annual Winter Slam contest that took place at the Wavehouse in July; The Osiris South Africa Tour; and a Hennie Claasen profile.


"Cosmic" is a surf movie. The title suggests the film-maker's attempt to capture some of the feelings associated with the sport. Blazing performances by World Champ Kelly Slater will make you giggle; big wave surfing will yank a "woooaa" from your larynx; the slide show will help you appreciate The Fleeting Moment; Cape Town's waves and its surfers will force you to re-evaluate your day job; a short contest roundup might crush your pride; and a "secret" spot is showcased to inspire the up-and-coming and entertain the voyeur. Shot on digital and 16mm. Extreme variation of local music. Length 35 mins. Enjoy.


The first video of it’s kind to be screened at Ill Academy, Elevation takes a look at the relatively new sport of kite surfing. While still in it’s infancy, kite-surfing is growing at a rate and is fast developing a culture all of its own.

Fountain of Youth

Born in London, filmed in the Mentawai Islands off Indonesia, and edited in Cape Town, "Fountain of Youth" reflects the travel-intensive philosophies of it's creators.

"We wanted to produce a film defining the current generation of South Africa's best surfers. Beyond showcasing their world-class talents, we also wanted to expose those aspects of their personalities so often overlooked in a competitive surfing environment - to give regular surfers some real insight into their heroes," explain Duncan and Jason, co-producers and directors of the project.

"Since we're both long-time travellers, we also wanted the surfers and audiences to be able to relate to the unspoilt Indonesian environment and people, so we focussed the lens way beyond merely the surfing action. We also handled every aspect of the film's production ourselves to ensure our original vision was fulfilled"

Aside from assembling an unprecedented crew of SA's best surfers in the most perfect waves they'd ever seen, the film contains other 'firsts' for the South African surfing market. Alongside 3-chip digital film, 8mm film stock was employed to give much of the lifestyle footage a distinctive, soft-focus and timeless feel, as well as utilising professional-grade sound equipment to relate the surfers' experiences to their viewing audience.

The 'Fountain of Youth' is brought to you by the creative collaboration of pro surfer and writer Duncan Scott, and videographer and editor Jason Hearn.


Homesick is this years film from SPF Media. Again, this SPF production offers the best of South African skateboarding. Last years SPF media walked away with the best director and cinematographer awards,

Jeffries Bay Exclusive

Exclusive footage from one of the Mecca’s of world surfing. Made by Silver Bullet productions, this film features nothing but the highlights from one of the best waves in the world.


An In-line movie by Greg Fraser.

Skaters Quo

Skaters Quo, produced by Dope Industries, is a taste of what’s to come in early 2004. Directed filmed and edited by Jamie O’Brian, this skateboarding video showcases the talents of some of Cape Town’s top street skaters. Beats by Sibot, Markus, Multistate, Guy Ogies and Moodphase 5.


"Smorgasboard" is a surf movie with a difference. It is a buffet of longboarding moments from around the world, featuring the Women's World Champs held recently in Costa Rica; contests in Spain and France, Cape Town and Durban; mindblowing exhibitions of style, precision, grace and radical manoevers from Joel Tudor and Colin McPhillips, an interview with current ladies champ Daize Shayne; profiles on SA's top riders Simone Robb, Mouse Moir, Jonno Roslind and wild child Michael Grendon; and a trip to Namibia in search of the longest ridable wave in Africa. Digital and 16mm. Local sounds. Length 45 mins.

Stormchasing Africa

Storm Chasing: Africa is Periphery Film’s snowboarding journey through Southern Africa. Produced by Simon Taylor in the winter 2003, the film follows three South African snow boarders as they hike and snowboard three different mountains in South Africa and Lesotho. It’s a racy 27 minutes long and platforms five fantastic bands from South Africa and Zimbabwe in the sound track. The film was screened as part of the Sithengi market screenings and was exceptionally well received by a diverse and packed audience. The film platforms six fantastic Southern African bands in the sound track.

Switchstance Vol 6

The first skateboard-only edition from the switchstance crew.

Various Shorts:


This film is a showcase of the best trick performed by local freestyle motorcross riders during events at Sic Nicks Plot in Muldersdrift and the Xpo at the MTN Dome in August 2003.

Profile: The Hank

A Portfolio of Bodyboarder Hankus "The Hank" Loubser.

The Hank screens along with the other shorts as part of group 7, so see screening times below if you're keen to see this profile of one of South Africa's top bodyboarders.

The Slash Dogs

The Slash Dogs video was put together to portray the lifestyles and ideals behind the team known as TheSlashdogs. The Slashdogs are a group of old friends who have been skating together for over twenty years and now today still skate, wakeboard, motorcross and have their own rock and roll band called Gary Two Teeth and the Slash Dogs.

Unbroken Spirit

At the core of all extreme sports is the courage to overcome the entirely natural fear of looking up at a wall of water looming above you or looking down before dropping in on a sixteen foot half-pipe.

Emily is a six-year-old skateboarder who, despite multiple fractures to her arm, is drawn back to the biggest half-pipe in town. She remembers the pain. The screen goes black. The metal pins holding her wrist together flash as a reminder. Can she do it again?

Then the sound of the wheels. She remains a warrior. An unbroken spirit.

Screening Times

Note: unfortunately the film 'In Search of Grace' (Group 1) will no longer be showing at ILL ACADEMY 2003. In some publications, the screening times for ILL ACADEMY will include 'In Search of Grace'. Below are the correct screening times without 'In Search of Grace'.

3Skaters Quo + Homesick
4Fountain of Youth
5Stormchasing Africa + Switchstance Volume 1
6Jefferies Bay Exclusive + Cosmic
7AV Skateboarding Volume 1 + Various Shorts
8Elevation + Krewshal

Friday, 28th November2234
Saturday, 29th November5678
Sunday, 30th November2345
Monday, 1st December6783
Tuesday, 2nd December3456
Wednesday, 3rd December7842
Thursday, 4th December4567
Friday, 5th December8523
Saturday, 6th December5678
Sunday, 7th December6234
Monday, 8th December6787
Tuesday, 9th December2345
Wednesday, 10th December7882
Thursday, 11th December3456
Friday, 12th December8223
Saturday, 13th December4567
Sunday, 14th December3234



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