WP Club Series 2006

posted by Sacha Specker on 15th January 2006

On behalf of Western Province Bodyboarding, I am proud to announce that we have recently started our own club contest series.

The goal of the WP Club series is to increase the level of riding of our top end riders and improve their contest experience. The Groms and Boys are encouraged to join the Pro’s and Juniors at these events to experience a high level of competition and learn more about heat formats, heat tactics etc.
The Interschools league provides an optimal platform for the Groms and Boys to apply their knowledge, which they have gathered at the club contests. When the younger guys feel that they are physically and mentally ready to compete at Club level, a warm welcome awaits them.
If the younger guys and gals, who do not feel ready to compete on a club level, but would like to compete more often, they should contact the Club Contest Director in their respective regions and organise a “Battle of the Groms”.

We have three competing regions: Kometjie, Town and Blouberg.
The contests in these regions will be run independently by JP Nortier, Sacha Specker and Simon Hagen respectively.

JP for the Kometjie area: 073 269 7327
E-mail: [email protected]

Sacha for the Town area: 082 667 2239
E-mail: [email protected]

Simon for the Table View area: 082 454 4433
E-mail: [email protected]

This does not mean that you are restricted to your area. You may ride as many contests in all the regions as you like. But you MUST contact the respective Club Contest Director and request to be added to their e-mail database. This will ensure that you will be contacted on the Friday or Saturday prior to an event.
Contests may start as early as sunrise if conditions look good.
Each competitor will pay an entry fee of R30 to compete. This will cover the running costs of the event, contribute towards petrol for those who drove and lifted other riders and most importantly it will make up the prize purse for the winners.

Running costs: 10%
Petrol contribution: 30 %
Prize purse: 60%

  • The contests will be run differently to previous WP trials and SABA events.
  • Elimination rounds will only take place if more than 12 competitors take part.
  • Once the draw reaches 12 competitors or less, each rider will ride two heats and the scores from each heat will be added together to give a final score out of 40 points.
  • The rider with the most points wins! No final, no grovelling; only busting!

Judging and scoring.
  • The competitors will be judging one another, unless judges where specifically allocated by the Contest Director.
  • Each rider must Claim the waves they wish to have scored. They can do this by raising one hand clearly into the air once they have completed their wave/manoeuvre. Only THREE waves may be claimed/scored and only the TOP TWO will determine their final score. In this way a maximum of 20 points can be obtained in each heat. Once each rider has completed two heats, as mentioned above, a final score can be allocated to each rider and finally the rider accumulating the most points over the two rounds will be crowned the winner.

Kind regards

Sacha Specker

WP Bodyboarding Vice-Chair
WP Bodyboarding Contest Director
Cell: 082 667 2239
E-mail: [email protected]



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