sixty40 is up ... but is she running?

posted by Kelly Footit on 24th September 2003

After a lot of work and a heap of frustrations, I am finally able to go live with something that works (fingers crossed) and just in time for this year's SA Champs where we will be hoping to run some coverage of the event.

What I have hoped to provide with the site is a medium which will include results and news from all bodyboarding clubs and organisations of South Africa along with news etc from the World Tour where Alistair Taylor and André Botha are competing.

Secondly and probably most importantly, for me, is the aim to develop a site which provides coverage for our riders in SA. Apparantly, we have a new mag which should be launching around Christmas if the rumours are correct but I'm sure those trying to make it in the sport have been finding it more than trying over the last few years since the demise of the South African Bodyboarding Magazine.

So, I invite you to register and make use of the site. The content is a bit thin at the moment which we'll obviously be working on, however, the forums which are a bit empty (actually quite empty) are there for your use, so please feel free to use them and hopefully as the membership grows they will become more useful. For further info on the site or if you are involved in running one of the various organisations and are wanting to contribute, please refer to the "About" page.

Hopefully you find this useful, any suggestions can be made under the appropriate forum and for those of you competing in the Champs, all the best for a good one!!!



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