The Vibes of our Lives Premiere

posted by Bruce Meissner on 11th May 2005

Vibes of Our Lives

When: Fri 27 May
Time: 7:30pm
Place: ACA Church in Seapoint
Cost: FREE!!

The Vibes of our Lives is a brand new DVD from the Cape Town area. It showcases the talent of many bodyboarders, surfers, and skaters. The bulk of the DVD is bodyboarding, and has sick and crazy footage of many spots! Like Dias and Hoek and all over. The DVD is being made with the help and support of Sonsurf. This DVD is going to be a cheap vibe, as I’m sick of paying so much freaking money for other DVD’s! It’s definitely worth the money and has some other lank funny stuff in it. Like guys getting shot with a potato gun and other idiots doing other dumb stuff!

So come support it! I mean it’s a free freaking bodyboarding film! Also showing is a short preview of the sick new up-and-coming bodyboarding DVD - "Lines Of Fire".

Contact me if you need more info: Bruce 083 243 9652

Preview Vibes of Our Lives here (1.8 Meg)



wade harrisonWade Harrison
23rd May 2005 19:51
As the Kettle boils... so these are the days of our lives!whoohooiey!GONNA BE SIC!LETS GO MURPHYS(on the rocky road...ha ha)!
DarkhorseBruce Meissner
16th May 2005 21:59
Don't worry bro! I'm sending it soon, like probably be up in next day or two, hopefully tomorrow! It's not gonna be the best quality, but u can obviously still see the general idea of what's going on. But that's how compression works hey! enjoy!
that NINJA kidBryan Paynter
16th May 2005 14:11
That looks so ill, if I didn't live in Durbs I'd be there... where can we pick up this promo clip?

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