Boogyology launches in East London

posted by Kelly Footit on 23rd March 2005

Following the demise of the Border provincial association, a group of young riders in East London area have taken the initiative to introduce competitive bodyboarding back into the province by launching Boogyology Bodyboarding Club.

The long term goal of the club is to get the Border Bodyboarding Association back up and running and to field a team at SA Champs, however, through founding a club in the area first rather than just getting the provincial association running again they are essentially already putting the province's development programme in place. South Africa has a distinct lack of clubs and the benefits can easily be noted by looking at the areas where clubs do exist to see that they are consistently producing some of the top riders in the country.

Blow Out Bodyboarding Club (SKZN South Coast) was for many years the only club in South Africa and over these years the province went from traditionally one of the weaker provinces to a high point in 2003 when SKZN claimed the SA Team title at SA Champs along with a number of their riders claiming individual titles over the past years. The Mossel Bay Organisation of Bodyboarders was launched just over a year ago and this crew of riders has grown from strength to strength and put in a good showing at this year's Cape Classic and we will be sure to see more of them especially with SA Champs down in the Southern Cape this year.

And the main reason for this is that these riders simply ride more contests, meaning they are more familiar with contest riding and its rules, have a better understanding of what the judges are looking for and will have had more chance to hone their competitive strategy than those who don't ride club events.

So the East London crew have taken a very positive step in the right direction, putting the framework in place but now it falls to the riders to support the club and I urge everyone in the area to sign up, spread the word and offer your services if you think you can help. I know at least that anyone with judging experience will be greatly welcomed.

A date for the first contest has not yet been set, but riders should please contact either Simon de Vries (082 923 5226) or Albert Snyman (084 766 0477) to register their interest or if you would like further info. Dates for the contests will be posted on sixty40 and application, indemnity forms and monies will be collected at the first event.

Click here to download an application form.

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Jared HoustonJared Houston
8th June 2005 22:30
for sure...go big guys..these okes are young apparently as well,sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MatthewMatthew Botha
23rd March 2005 21:06
It's great to see bodyboarding growing more and more daily in SA and good luck to the east london crew with their new club.

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