Western Province all fall down party

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posted by Pierre Marqua on 17th August 2004

We did the Western Province Prize Giving thing on Friday night, wasn't really in the mood to work or take photos for that fact, the wine and the martini was far more interesting, so sorry for the lack of in-depth coverage. Anyways a strong team was announced, a solid party was had and the evening was rocking to the sounds of Darren Collins new band, the Light Merchants..who kicked ass. As usual the LLands Crew were well pissed, Mac D was in top form, but this round he didn't get punched, well he was amongst friends.. ha ha ha, Callum did you ever get your car out? Wade how soft was that rock bru? And does anyone know if that blonde chick from red bull ever found her car? That was funny. Well if the crew can surf as well as they can drink the SA's this year should be a clinch.

Here are a few images of the evening.




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