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Photographing bodyboarding

  • dcmike
    July 2006

    Greeting my fellow spongers! This mail has been a long time coming and as yet is not totally thought through but that's what forums are all about...

    I've been bodyboarding for 6 years or so and in all the time I have been out there I have seen relatively few guys taking shots of bodyboarders. There are the dedicated few but generally they seem to move with the crew the ride with and not everyone has the luxury of an equiped photographer that can cruise with them.

    Now while the debate of local versus international goes on (Logic/Movement) I keep thinking that the photo content of international mags appears to be just that much more dramatic. (I'm generalising here...) so it's not only about well known riders but about how hard they charge and who's there to catch the moment and how good is the shot?

    I live in Cape Town so I'm used to missioning around the Peninsula looking for spots to surf or shoot but often I'll find a spot cooking and no one on it (out comes my board...) or lame conditions and a million guys trying to score the same wave.

    Basically what I'm getting at is that with a bit bit of team work and the wonders of cellphones I'm offering to shoot okes that are willing to charge and get photos that will raise our own image of ourselves.

    At this point I have to say that I'm still shooting from land but the housing is being saved for... You may have seen the shots posted in the past few months on sixty40 and it must be mentioned that these images are at a minimum size of A4 and can be coaxed to A3 without loss in quality.

    If there are riders out there looking for shots for sponsors/media coverage, what about getting together and scoring those sick pitts and airs and taking charge of our own success?!

    I'm looking for any suggestions, angles, hook-ups, contacts, but most of all guys and girls committed to scoring shots - Anyone?

    In anticipation of the next fat keg...

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