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Cant Upload!

  • StJohnLombard_Bodyboarder
    July 2008
    I Keep getting an error when i try uploading an image.

    Been like this for 2 days now... Anyone got any info on this?

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  • KellyKelly
    July 2008
    Sorry guy! I missed this bug - it's sorted now.
  • lyle
    July 2008
    kelly bro, i been trying to update my profile, but i cant upload pic, choose my home/ fav break, cant choose my fav riders nothing. i didnt get the errors cause theres too many!! they all very similar to this:Unknown column 's.surfspot_id' in 'on clause'

    something unknown... on clause.

    sort it out champ :wink:

  • KellyKelly
    July 2008
    OK thanks guys ... I've been through the profile pages and the photo upload page and think all should be sorted on those pages.
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